Protecting Homeless People During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the context of this pandemic, homeless people are in more danger of getting infected and the rapid spread of the virus is most certain if these people remain outdoors.

So, what better ways are there to protect the homeless people from getting infected by the deadly coronavirus?

Protecting the homeless people during this crisis requires full coordination among all social sectors. From legislators, to military, to food agencies, and health providers – each sector must closely coordinate with each other.

State and local health departments must have a well-elaborated plan on how to isolate and provide care to homeless people suspected of contracting the virus.

Hospital facilities must have carefully-planned logistics and protocols on how to transport COVID-19 recovered patients to their quarantine locations.

Local governments should be in complete coordination with law enforcement officers to be able to fully implement the directives given by government leaders and health officials.

Different volunteer groups should be mobilized on the ground in order to identify the immediate needs of people. And, most importantly, homeless people themselves should help in keeping their family members safe.

These recommendations will only prove to be effective if there is strict compliance from everyone.

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