Make Poverty History Canada is the world’s biggest online-based research center aiming to provide pertinent research materials on homelessness in Canada.

The main impetus for this project is to create a single webspace of information to address the research queries of interested individuals who have common research interest.

The search and dissemination of highly-relevant information is made available to anyone as this website continuously gathers research materials from original contributors both local and international.

The website remains committed in its effort to provide people with the best scoop of stories, practices, and researchers on homelessness.

Its objective is to deliver to its readers the most credible researchers based on factual evidence and real-life applications presented in a comprehensible language.

With over thousands of information covering reader-friendly reports, frameworks, templates, and tools – the website has made all of these accessible to anyone who is doing research on homelessness.

The kind of research innovation presented in this website is what makes it remarkable when compared to other web-based libraries.

The website is empowering anyone to do research at the comforts of their personal work spaces, may it be at home, in their office, or anywhere where the internet is accessible.