Homeless People as the Most Vulnerable Sector in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is a global health crisis affecting many countries regardless of their economic power and status in the global political arena. No one is spared, even the strongest states are made helpless by the coronavirus.

This virus, often called by the media as an ‘unseen enemy’, already cost thousands of lives and still, thousands of people are getting infected every single day. No one is safe from this virus because even the healthy and the rich ones are getting infected by it.

State policies have placed great emphasis on the practice of social distancing encouraging everyone to limit and avoid social gatherings as it is learned that the virus will eventually die without a living host to dwell on.

But as the number of infected cases increased rapidly, public health experts announced that the best way to get rid of the virus is to stay at home. But an important question remains: what if other people don’t have a home to stay into?

It is clear that those who are at a high risk of infection are people who are homeless. Homeless people are also the ones often caught and reprimanded by police authorities as they are seen loitering on the streets which is a clear violation of emergency state policies.

Being homeless made these people extra vulnerable to the spread of the virus given the compromise on their health and their lack of shelter to keep themselves from having contact with carriers.

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