How Can You Help

Anyone who believes that he has the capacity to help will always find opportunities to do so and the action he will take is referred to as volunteerism. To be a volunteer means to take a step forward and be a front liner in the fight against poverty and inequality.

Volunteering is a perfect opportunity to anyone who wants to create a positive change in the lives of those who suffer and who needs hope.

CARE Canada is an international humanitarian organization leading the fight against world poverty. It partners with leading volunteer organizations in Canada and other countries and is dedicated to employing volunteers to wherever they are most needed.

It firmly believes that the success of any volunteer program is greatly attributed to how volunteers are recognized and provided with rewarding opportunities.

Through CARE Canada, volunteers are not only helping people’s lives become better, but they have also helped themselves become better at their own skills, of expanding their capacities, and gaining more affiliations to various organizations.