Causes of Homelessness

A lot of misconceptions are made about the causes of homelessness and still a lot more could be given. Some think that it’s a choice – a particularly irresponsible choice.

Those who say this reasoned that people who are homeless are simply lazy and if only they want to, they can rise up from that homeless condition.

This understanding is certainly misleading and is not representing the true reasons why people experience homelessness.

Homelessness is not a situation that is chosen. Nobody wants to be homeless, so why would people deliberately choose to be homeless? It simply does not make sense.

The real reasons why people experience homelessness is the lack of institutional supports and programs to those who are incapacitated to earn, and oftentimes, these people are also the victims of structural injustices.

Another cause of homelessness is the lack of planning for those who are discharged from treatment and health facilities and correctional facilities.

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