A very important meeting of world leaders will take place next week at the UN in New York to review progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which aim to reduce extreme poverty by half by the year 2015.

Action update: Because of your support in recent actions, PM Stephen Harper is now going to attend the summit. This is our chance to urge him to fulfill Canada's commitments to end poverty.

Take action for the MDG Summit with Stand Up.

Millions of people world-wide and tens of thousands in Canada will be standing up and demanding action to make poverty history. Stand Up will take place this weekend (September 17-19) from coast to coast to coast and around the world. Check to find a Stand Up event in your community or find how you can include a Stand Up moment in an event that is already taking place.

Significant progress has been made on reducing global poverty and hunger and improving health and education since the adoption of the MDGs by world leaders in 2000, but with only 5 years to go, progress has stalled or even reversed because of the impacts of climate change, the food price crisis and the global economic crisis. Progress could also be threatened by freezing or cutting of aid budgets by donor countries. Canada has announced it will freeze aid at 2010 levels in 2011.

Take action. Send a message to Harper now. It works. Tell him we need Canada to commit to a bold action plan at the UN MDG Summit to get back on track to achieving all of the 8 MDG goals by 2015. Tell him Canada can’t contribute its fair share to this global effort without unfreezing its aid budget and adopting a timetable to get to the 0.7% of national income UN aid target.

Even though Canada has made some important contributions towards achieving some of the Millennium Development Goals, we lag behind many other donor countries, and we have not done our share on some of the key goals. You can read more about Canada's follow through in Make Poverty History’s recently released Canadian MDG Report 2010.

Please don't miss this extremely important chance to take action on poverty and inequality.

Tell Harper to honour Canada's promise on poverty
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