Now's the time to protect aid spending and reduce poverty in Canada

Crucial decisions on the 2012 federal budget will happen over the coming days in Ottawa.  A modest increase in spending on aid and on fighting poverty here at home could transform the lives of thousands of people living in poverty.

Now is not the time to cut programs to help people work their way out of poverty. Yes, our government has a deficit, but we must not solve it on the backs of vulnerable people in Canada or in other countries.  They need Canada’s support now more than ever.  

Canada can afford to give more life-saving aid and to ensure a decent standard of living for all Canadians without cutting other programs. Here’s how: a small tax on trading in stocks, currency and derivatives by commercial banks, brokerages and hedge funds could raise hundreds of millions annually.

Please join me in sending a message to the Minister of Finance that now is the time to protect aid and social spending. Your message will be copied to your Member of Parliament.

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