Over 1.3 Million Children in Canada Still Live in Poverty!

25 years ago, the Canadian House of Commons unanimously passed an all-party resolution to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000. Since then, an entire generation of children have grown up impoverished, experiencing hunger, unstable housing and suffering from the impacts low wages, unemployment, discrimination, stress, and inequality have had on their families.

Poverty in Canada 1989-2012 detailed


Join us in calling on the Canadian Government to make child and family poverty history in Canada!

Yesterday, Campaign 2000 released their annual national Report Card on child and family poverty that shows 1.3 million Canadian children are still living in poverty. Eradicating poverty will ensure that every child is able realize their full potential.

Call for ALL political parties to take action and keep the promise made to Canada’s children in 1989, urging them to help develop/implement a comprehensive Canadian poverty eradication plan, and to support a private member’s motion (M‑534) on Eliminating Child Poverty.

Yours in solidarity,
MPH Steering Committee

Call on your MP to stand up and make poverty history!
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