Mar 26
Ending poverty is about justice, not just charity and economic and social rights are the foundation. Canada Without Poverty will be offering their Economic and Social Rights Education online course online from Monday, April 13th until Sunday, May 10th. ...
Canada Without Poverty would like to invite you to join us this April for a four-week Economic and Social Rights Education online course. As part of our human rights program, the course will give you an opportunity to learn about the UN human rights system and how to apply a human rights framework t…
Economic and Social Rights Online Course Spring 2015

Mar 23
Are you ready to join us living below the line? Visit our page to learn more and sign up to join us https://www.livebelowtheline.com/ca/partner/makepovertyhistory?lang=en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfKQuAbIn_8
www.livebelowtheline.ca Have you got questions about Live Below the Line? Ennis Esmer, Naomi Snieckus, Matt Baram and Colin Doyle clear things up. Film by De...
Live Below The Line - Q & A

Mar 22
Today is World Water Day. This year's theme is Water and Sustainable Development http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/world-water-day-2015-facts-figures-water-sustainable-development-theme-1492912
World Water Day is observed on 22 March to raise awareness of water-related issues.
World Water Day 2015: Facts, figures and 'Water and Sustainable Development' theme

Mar 20
10 reasons why girls and women are essential to ending extreme poverty! http://www.one.org/us/2015/03/10/10-reasons-why-girls-and-women-are-essential-to-ending-extreme-poverty/
Across every key gender indicator, life is significantly harder for girls and women in the least developed countries compared to those living in other countries. While men in poor countries are also disadvantaged, the gender gap between males and females is even larger in the poorest countries.
10 reasons why girls and women are essential to ending extreme poverty

Mar 19
It is with great sadness that we are sharing news of the sudden loss of a dedicated anti-poverty advocate and a Canadian voice fighting for equality and justice. Please take a moment in honor of Bryan. http://www.makepovertyhistory.ca/node/328035
It is with great sadness that we are sharing news of the sudden loss of a dedicated anti-poverty advocate and a Canadian voice fighting for equality and justice. Last week, on March 9th 2015, Bryan Turner, a 32 year-old Canadian from Vancouver and long-time supporter of Make Poverty History (MPH) Ca…
In Memoriam: Bryan Turner | Make Poverty History

Mar 18
Did you know that 1.2 Billion people live on less than $1.75 a day? We are not OK with this. Help us raise awareness and take the challenge with us! Live Below the Line https://www.livebelowtheline.com/ca/partner/makepovertyhistory?lang=en
Make Poverty History Canada is a Live #BelowtheLine partner. This May, thousands across the world are eating and drinking on $1.75/day for 5 days to support their poverty fighting efforts. Find out more here!
Live Below the Line - Make Poverty History Canada

Mar 16
2015 could be the year we see the beginning of the end of acute malnutrition. Generation Nutrition http://www.generation-nutrition.org/en/blog/2015-beginning-end-acute-malnutrition

Mar 13
BC minimum wage increase leaves workers in poverty. http://www.policynote.ca/bc-minimum-wage-increase-leaves-workers-in-poverty/
After close to two years of no change, the BC minimum wage was overdue for an increase. But the measly raise announced today falls...
BC minimum wage increase leaves workers in poverty

Mar 13
Little Anne wants to make poverty history! #endpovery #puppypower

Mar 11
Carleton University students brave the cold to raise money for the homeless! For five days and five cold nights, a select few students from Carleton University will be sleeping outside and experiencing the bitter truth of...

Mar 11
This morning Campaign 2000 and steering committee members released an Open Letter, called “Now is the Time to Act on Child and Family Poverty” to all the federal party leaders. ...
Activists call on federal politicians to put their February pledge to end child poverty into campaign platforms in the upcoming election.
Ottawa urged to put child poverty pledge into action | Toronto Star

Mar 11
Children across the world all deserve equal access to education. Children who are excluded from education often face multiple and overlapping disadvantages. Data produced by the Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children give us a clearer picture of...
Millions of children are excluded from school because of poverty, gender and where they live. Closing the gap is vital if we are to achieve Education for All. Data from the Initiative on Out-of-School Children explains: on.unesco.org/oosci-global
Out of school children

Mar 09
Women make up 40 percent of the world's labor force, but hold just 1 percent of the world's wealth. In honor of International Women's Day yesterday here are 39 stunning images of women at work around the...
What is "women's work?" Anything you can think of. Whether it's the work of keeping a home and raising a family, building and inspiring a community, or bringing home a wage from a daily job, the wide variety of work women do is worth cel...
39 Stunning Images Of Women At Work All Over The World

Mar 08
Today is International Women's Day! This year has been a progressive year for development of women's rights. Canada Without Poverty shares 10 ways that have helped #MakeItHappen for women in 2014-2015....
Happy International Women's Day! This year has been an amazing and progressive year for the development of the women's social and economic rights. Check out Canada Without Poverty's top 10 events t...
Community Post: 10 Ways We Made It Happen For Women!

Mar 06
Food is not a necessity it is a right and Canada is not immune to hunger and food insecurity. http://www.thinkupstream.net/food_first_strategy
The UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, in his 2013 report on Canada to the UN Human Rights Council, noted that while “Canada has a duty to respect, protect and fulfil the right to food … Canada does not currently afford constitutional or legal protection of the right to food.” In such a r…
It's Time for a Food First Strategy

Mar 05
Did you know that 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year? Yesterday, Raising the Roof released its latest research report, "Beyond Housing First: A Holistic Response to Family Homelessness in Canada"...
A breakdown in familial relationships, including divorce or domestic violence, can cause household members to separate or flee their homes.
Causes of C&F Homelessness - Raising the Roof

Mar 03
Severe winter weather is predictable. Governments need to take responsibility for the poor and homeless dying on their streets
Every time extreme cold claims a life, we have failed the homeless

Mar 02
What do peanut butter, lentils, and rice have in common? Live #BelowtheLine. The challenge starts 27 April. Sign up today! http://bit.ly/1By6OZP
Choose a partner. Sign up. Live #BelowtheLine is a global movement challenging YOU to eat and drink on $1.75/day for 5 days to raise funds and awareness to end extreme poverty.
Live Below the Line - Canada Partners

Feb 26
1 in 3 people in Nunavut are under the age of 15. And they need new schools. READ: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/02/25/nunavut-budget-attempts-t_n_6753474.html?ncid=newsletter-uk
Nunavut budget grapples with educating 'tsunami' of young people...
1 In 3 People In Nunavut Are Under 15. And They Need New Schools.

Feb 24
White band, pins, bumper stickers, and t-shirts! Get your MPH swag and wear it proud because YOU want a world free of poverty! http://www.makepovertyhistory.ca/node/327889 #EndPoverty


Recent Actions

Imagine if, before choosing our next federal government this year, we could make sure that every party leader spoke about issues affecting women and girls. The NDP and the Green Party have signed on to participate in a federal debate on women’s issues, but we have yet to hear from the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, or the Bloc Quebecois!

In honour of International Women’s Day, call on Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, and Mario Beaulieu to take women’s issues seriously.

I want to live in a world where women and girls have equal rights to men. I want to live in a country where no child is forced to go hungry. I want all children around the world to have access to an education. I want to see Canada investing in cost-effective solutions to poverty.


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