During sporting events, nothing other then custom t shirts adds color to teams other than the uniforms. The bigger the sport is, the more marketable its apparel inventory.  Even small-scale business owners try to capitalize that sensation by selling custom t-shirts wherein you can personalize the team’s logo or color into non-jersey clothing.
If you are a really lucky fan, you will likely have a chance to obtain the sweaty jersey thrown blindly by a sports superstar. As for the remaining audience, they can get contentment from the free t-shirts distributed in a gimmicky manner during a game’…

A lot of misconceptions are made about the causes of homelessness and still a lot more could be given. Some think that it’s a choice – a particularly irresponsible choice.
Those who say this reasoned that people who are homeless are simply lazy and if only they want to, they can rise up from that homeless condition.
This understanding is certainly misleading and is not representing the true reasons why people experience homelessness.
Homelessness is not a situation that is chosen. Nobody wants to be homeless, so why would people deliberately choose to be homeless? It simply does not make sense.
The real …

To quote the definition made by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, it is when a person, family, or group of people do not have a stable and permanent residence as well as no means of acquiring one.
This adapted definition of homelessness provides a unified horizon in understanding the complexity of the problem. It is also meant to expand the set of responses to be made to address the problem of homelessness in Canada.
Although the experience of homelessness has put all homeless people in a similar unfortunate situation, it must not be noted however that the extent and weight of its effects vary to different groups of …

In the context of this pandemic, homeless people are in more danger of getting infected and the rapid spread of the virus is most certain if these people remain outdoors.
So, what better ways are there to protect the homeless people from getting infected by the deadly coronavirus?
Protecting the homeless people during this crisis requires full coordination among all social sectors. From legislators, to military, to food agencies, and health providers – each sector must closely coordinate with each other.
State and local health departments must have a well-elaborated plan on how to isolate and provide care to homeless…

The coronavirus pandemic is a global health crisis affecting many countries regardless of their economic power and status in the global political arena. No one is spared, even the strongest states are made helpless by the coronavirus.
This virus, often called by the media as an ‘unseen enemy’, already cost thousands of lives and still, thousands of people are getting infected every single day. No one is safe from this virus because even the healthy and the rich ones are getting infected by it.
State policies have placed great emphasis on the practice of social distancing encouraging everyone to limit and avoid social …