About Make Poverty History

The Canadian Make Poverty History Make Poverty History Launch - Musician Tom Cochrane, comedian Mary Walsh, Olympic Medallist Anna van der Kamp, and human rights champion Stephen Lewis in 2005.campaign was launched in February 2005 with the support of a wide cross-section of public interest and faith groups, trade unions, international development agencies, students, academics and literary, artistic and sports leaders.

Make Poverty History is part of the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP). National campaigns are now active in over 100 countries. The global campaign, which also launched in 2005, presses G8 leaders for action on global poverty issues.

Make Poverty History has mobilized Canadians like never before on issues related to poverty at home and abroad. Canadian Make Poverty History campaigners are standing up and making a difference. They are responsible for hundreds of events and hundreds of thousands of e-mail messages being sent to politicians. They help to organize communities and meet with decision-makers.

Among the achievements of the campaign are significant debt cancellation for indebted, poor countries, passage of the Better Aid Bill (Official Development Assistance Accountability Act) which makes poverty reduction the main focus of Canadian aid, and the adoption of poverty reduction plans by the Ontario and Manitoba governments. Read more about our campaign highlights.

The Make Poverty History campaign is a coalition of organizations that have come together for the common cause of making poverty history both at home and abroad. The campaign is guided by a Steering Committee with representatives appointed by the member organizations. The Steering Committee elects a Board of Directors that oversees the finances, personnel and other organizational and governance issues of the non-profit corporation.

Make Poverty History has over 260,000 individual supporters who have signed on in support of its platform. Many of them are part of an online action network that send messages to decision makers and take other online actions.

The Make Poverty History campaign is also supported by a network of local groups and activists across Canada who organize local public events, meet with Members of Parliament, engage the media and take other actions with the aim of raising public awareness and bringing about policy changes that would help to make poverty history.

Make Poverty History is funded by its member organizations, foundations and individual donors. Donate to Make Poverty History.