Fighting For Free T-Shirts at Sporting Events

During sporting events, nothing other then custom t shirts adds color to teams other than the uniforms. The bigger the sport is, the more marketable its apparel inventory.  Even small-scale business owners try to capitalize that sensation by selling custom t-shirts wherein you can personalize the team’s logo or color into non-jersey clothing.

If you are a really lucky fan, you will likely have a chance to obtain the sweaty jersey thrown blindly by a sports superstar. As for the remaining audience, they can get contentment from the free t-shirts distributed in a gimmicky manner during a game’s intermission.

T-Shirt Distributions

These free t-shirts are distributed randomly. The most popular method in sports arenas today is to use customized cannons that propel the t-shirts with such a long distance. The distributed shirts are most likely universal sized, wherein any adult with normal body type can fit.

Once the arena personnel or the team organization staff shoots them in the air, fans in the audience are already preparing to receive it. Chances of conflict can exist if the t-shirt landed in an area outside of the personal space.

The Deal of ‘Free’ Items

Fighting for a free t-shirt seems silly. But, the idea of everybody not having it or the uniqueness of acquiring it can make it more valuable. Add to that the idea of getting it free, and you will have a wrestling match in the stadium stands.

There is always a problem with handling free items or goodies. Certain items can be commodities, depending on the situation and the persons involved. If something is offered as free and all customers can avail it, the value will become cheap; on the other hand, if not all customers can avail it, the value will become less and less cheap.

T-shirts thrown at the game’s intermission are definitely not autographed. They are all freshly manufactured with additional embroidered logos of the sponsors and are even available on the merchandise store. Even though they are not that affordable, they are not that needed, and so the idea of fighting for ownership over a free item thrown during the game is so baffling.

Possible Reasons for a Fight

It may be bothering, but the scenario of fighting can stem from the opportunity of seeing the game. First of all, the ticket for a seat to see the major sports brand is expensive.

Second, the star power of professional athletes adds the value of the ticket, and seeing them in person can be seen as a personal achievement. Therefore, a t-shirt, being freely distributed during a game and represents the team, can make any receiver feel loyal and valued.

Not only the fight is focused on the receiver’s mindset, but there is also a possibility that it is a marketing gimmick created by the sponsors. The limited amount being propelled already indicates that people will value them for rarity and can unconsciously promote the team brand.

Since the ticket is not cheap, potential receivers are seeking to have a ‘return-of-investment’ by obtaining a free t-shirt. Morals can be easily abandoned and selfishness can quickly be manifested.


If you think about it, maybe the free t-shirts were not free after all. You can make one of your own by ordering custom t-shirts, although you need to pay for it. However, it is worth noting that the entertainment value of a sports game is the main reason for buying the ticket and not to spend energy fighting for something you thought was free.

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