1.3 million children need our help

While politicians have pledged to end poverty in Canada three times—in 1989, 2009 and 2015—there has never been an action plan. Today, poverty deprives over 1.3 million children in Canada of their one and only childhood. 

But we have a once in a generation opportunity to end child and family poverty. Our new government plans to take a leadership role in creating a national poverty reduction strategy.  

But to get the plan right, the federal government must enshrine child poverty reduction targets and timelines in legislation. This will spare future generations from hunger, discrimination, illness and hopelessness. 

Read the 2015 National Report Card on Child and Family Poverty here

Eradicating poverty will ensure that every Canadian child realizes their full potential. The goal is within reachlet’s do this. 
Yours in solidarity,

Campaign 2000 has released their annual national Report Card on child and family poverty, which shows that over 1.3 million Canadian children still live in poverty. Learn more here.
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