All Canadians should #ChewOnThis!

Dignity for All campaign supporters are taking to the streets on October 6th in anticipation of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty in an event called ChewOnThis!  They are bringing attention to the over 4.8 million Canadians who are living in poverty and the almost 900,000 people who rely on food banks each year by handing out brown bags with information and a healthy snack. 

Last year there were over 45 events in 37 communities across Canada and this year Dignity for All is hoping to expand to over 100 events.  The focus last year was to raise awareness and gain traction on the need for a plan to end poverty in Canada. This year Dignity for All released its model Federal Anti-Poverty plan after a rigorous five years of consultation from over 600 groups. The model Federal Anti-Poverty plan is a comprehensive example of what needs to be done in Canada to end poverty once and for all.  Now support is needed to take the plan to the next step. This year, using the strong base of supporters and the momentum of the Federal election around the corner, Dignity for All is using ChewOnThis! to help share the tool that it has

The aims of ChewOnThis! are to help people understand why we need a Federal Anti-Poverty plan and what steps we need to take as Canadians to ensure that this plan is brought to the attention of Canadians. Poverty is a complex issue and it is time for Canada to have a plan that addresses all complexities with the goal of creating a poverty-free Canada.

To sign up to hold an
event in your community, sign up as an organizer on the 
ChewOnThis! website and place an order for materials.
For further information please contact Darlene at

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