This Election Tell Your Candidates To Put Politics Aside

We need your voice during this federal election to help end global poverty.
62% of Canadians agree that Canada should be one of the leading countries in providing international aid. In addition, 94% of Canadians say it is important to improve health, education, and economic opportunity for the world's poorest.
Take action today. Email your local federal candidate and tell them to make partisan politics history.
Canadians know what they want. Based on these results, together with Engineers Without Borders and the ONE Campaign we are calling on all nominated political candidates to put #PoliticsAside and share how Canada can lead a united movement towards the end of global poverty.
We need your action and your voice -- here’s how you can help:
Email your local candidate and ask them to put partisan #PoliticsAside and share their views about global development.
Best wishes,
Make Poverty History Steering Committee

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