Millennium Kids at Parliament Hill

Our children are our future, and on May 6 they showed Canada how they are going to change the future of our country for the better. On 6 May 2015 an Alternative Committee Meeting was held by MP Hélène Laverdière in collaboration with MP Andrew Cash on Parliament Hill to hear from 9 Millennium Kids (grades 6 to 11). The focus of the conversation was on the commitment Canada made to the UN Millennium Development Goals and the post-2015 agenda. The kids’ knowledge was inspiring! They definitely knew their numbers and statistics, challenging the six MPs in attendance to increase Canada’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) from the current 0.24% to the 0.7% target.  They would not take no for an answer! They kids demanded to know what happened to the $300 million of unspent foreign aid money in 2014 and asked the MP’s if the money would go where it was promised in 2015. 

These Millennium Kids have a vision for Canada and will not stop until their vision is met.  They have challenged Canada to, as grade 11 student Rebekah put it, “lead the world in ending poverty everywhere, by setting the standard of being a caring, loving and selfless nation”.  MP Andrew Cash concluded the meeting by encouraging these nine budding advocates to use their voices and knowledge to get the attention of their government.


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