Millions of children—some as young as six-years old—are working as slaves in sweatshops, on plantations, in dangerous mines, and in the sex trade. Boys and girls are trafficked or pushed in to work that harms their bodies, minds, and spirits, threatening their lives and futures.

Join us in asking the Canadian Government to prevent child labour in our supply chains.

Many of the goods Canadians purchase and use on a daily basis—cocoa, coffee, tea, sugar, t-shirts and jewelry—are at risk of containing child labour. 

We do not want Canada to be complicit in perpetuating child labour around the world. We want Canada to be part of the solution!

Be an advocate for children who are forced into 3D – dirty, dangerous and degrading – jobs. Ask the Government of Canada to work with Canadian retailers to identify, address, and prevent child labour in our supply chains by creating legislation requiring large companies in Canada to “Check the Chain” and publicly outline their efforts to eliminate child labour.

No child should ever be subjected to slavery. Together, we can help ensure that all kids have the childhood they are entitled to. The time to act is NOW. Sign the Petition today.

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