Imagine if, before choosing our next federal government this year, we could make sure that every party leader spoke about issues affecting women and girls. The NDP and the Green Party have signed on to participate in a federal debate on women’s issues, but we have yet to hear from the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, or the Bloc Quebecois!

In honour of International Women’s Day, call on Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, and Mario Beaulieu to take women’s issues seriously.

In the last federal election, the majority of the voters were women. Yet, federal party leaders haven’t publically debated issues that specifically affect women in over 30 years! It’s in every Canadian’s interest to know where the federal leaders stand on issues such as discrimination, violence, leadership, employment, sexual harassment and child care.

Since its launch in November, the #UpForDebate Campaign has gained significant momentum in Canada, but we need your help to get the Liberal, Conservative, and Bloc Quebecois Leaders to sign on to the debate.

Help us ensure that all parties take the issues that affect women seriously.

Join us in taking a stand for women in Canada and around the world. Sign the petition asking Prime Minster Harper and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau to commit to participating in a nationally broadcast debate focused specifically on women and girls during the 2015 federal election campaign.

Yours in solidarity,
The Make Poverty History Steering Committee

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