1.2 billion people live in extreme poverty, most of them women. More than 925 million people go to bed hungry and 50,000 people die every day from poverty-related causes. By tackling these issues we can end poverty now.

End Poverty In Canada

Ending poverty in Canada is an achievable goal. Together, we have the capacity to effect change and empower our society to fulfill its true potential. Call on the federal government to make a legally-entrenched poverty reduction plan a reality. Read more »

Reduce Global Poverty

All the suffering in the world is difficult to hear about, but we must face the realities of our global community and seek solutions. Change is possible. Help us lobby for more and better aid, including the 0.7% that Canada has promised. Read more »

In depth

National Poverty Reduction Plan

Six out of Canada’s ten provinces have adopted poverty reduction plans and are waiting on the federal government to step up to the plate too and adopt a national poverty reduction plan. Our provinces and territories cannot fight poverty alone.

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In 2000, almost 200 countries agreed to end extreme poverty and hunger by the year 2015. The action plan that came out of this UN gathering was the MDGs. Eight goals that would cut poverty in half. Canada needs to be a world leader on poverty.

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More And Better Aid

More than one billion people will go to bed hungry tonight, and 50,000 people die every day because of poverty or poverty-related causes. It doesn't have to be this way. We have the resources and technologies to make poverty history. Read more »