Demand G20 action on food prices to avoid more hunger

June 16, 2011 - 1:44pm

One in seven people in the world now go to bed hungry every night. Recent food prices could make the crisis even worse.

There is a crucial meeting of Agricultural Ministers from the G20 countries later this month that could take steps to avoid a disaster.

Please join in supporting an online action sponsored by Oxfam Canada by sending an email to Canadian Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, calling on him to show leadership at these meetings, and to push for four key policies:

Aid shortfall and expectations downplayed at G8 Summit in France

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Dennis Howlett is the National Co-ordinator for Make Poverty History Canada.

The leaders of the richest countries will gather in France this week for their annual G8 Summit. But the French government has set low expectations for any major new agreements or initiatives. It is likely to be mainly an opportunity for informal disucssion of issues of concern to the G8 leaders and there may not even be an official final communique.

Most of the key issues related to global poverty and climate change have been put off until the fall when the G20 meets in November, also hosted by the French Government. The French government has announced that their priorities for the G20 agenda include: combating commodity price volitility, reforming the international monetary system, fighting corruption and financing development through a financial transaction tax.

La taxe Robin des Bois

Nous avons une excellente occasion de mettre en place une méthode pour amasser les fonds nécessaires à l’abolition de la pauvreté mondiale et pour aider les pays pauvres à s’adapter aux effets des changements climatiques. En effet, le gouvernement français a proposé l’adoption d’une taxe sur les transactions financières (TTF, également appelée taxe Robin des Bois) lors du Sommet du G20 dont il sera l’hôte plus tard cette année. Les ministres des Finances des pays du G20 se rencontreront à Paris dans quelques jours et la TTF figure en bonne place à l’ordre du jour.

Action for a Robin Hood Tax

Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to put in place a way of raising the money needed to end global poverty and help poor countries cope with the impacts of climate change. This is because the French government has proposed adopting a global Financial Transaction Tax, also known as the Robin Hood Tax, at the G20 Summit they will be hosting in November 2011. 

Les dirigeants du G8 offrent peu et manquent de nouveau à leurs engagements

June 28, 2010 - 11:36am

Le Sommet du G8 a pris fin avec un bilan qui justifie difficilement son existence ou la facture qui l’accompagne.

Selon Abolissons la pauvreté Canada, le plus grande coalition d’ONG, de groupes confessionnels, de syndicats et d’associations étudiantes au Canada, les dirigeants du G8 ne réservent aux personnes pauvres du monde qu’une maigre pitance à l’heure où les crises économique et climatique s’intensifient.

G8 Leaders Offer Little And Fail To Hold Themselves Accountable

June 26, 2010 - 12:44pm

The 2010 G8 Summit has ended with little to justify its existence or the costs incurred to host it.

Make Poverty History, Canada’s largest coalition of NGOs, faith-based groups, labour and student unions says the 8 leaders are offering the world’s poorest people a pittance in the midst of a growing economic and climate crisis.

In spite of Prime Minister Harpers declaration that this would be the "accountability" summit, there is barely a mention of what happened to past promises still unfulfilled.

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