Voice your Concern for Poverty in Canada and Around the World

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Laura Read is the Co-ordinator for Make Poverty History Canada.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the number of people affected by poverty has been growing. That’s true both here in Canada and in the world as a whole. Yet Canada’s aid budget was frozen at the 2010 level, which is less than half the 0.7 per cent of our economy which Canada promised to achieve.

Many programs that lend a hand to Canadians living in poverty will face cutbacks in provincial and federal budgets this year. The fiscal deficit has limited governments’ spending capacity, but this shouldn’t diminish Canada’s contribution to helping people work their way out of poverty.

Make Poverty History urges Canada not to abandon vulnerable people here and around the world.

To pay for greater spending on aid and on poverty reduction in Canada, we support a new tax on financial transactions. A reasonable levy of 0.05 per cent on the buying and selling of currencies, stocks and derivative financial products by banks, brokerages and hedge funds could raise hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Contribute to the conversation, make your concerns known. Join MPH supporters this week by writing to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. Ask him to redouble the fight against poverty at home and abroad.

We want Parliamentarians to hear from as many constituents as possible while decision-makers draft the federal budget for 2012. If we coordinate our efforts, we can Make Poverty History.

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