Take action for a national housing strategy

This week we have an opportunity to make an impact on poverty in Canada. A bill currently before Parliament, the Secure, Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing Act, calls on our federal government to develop a national housing strategy.

Bill C-400 would oblige the federal government to bring provincial and municipal governments to the table with Aboriginal communities, civil society, non-profits and the private sector to create a plan that ensures everyone in Canada lives in decent and affordable housing.

MPs will be voting on the bill on February 27, so please act now.

Only with the support of MPs from all parties will the bill pass second reading in the House of Commons and go to Committee for review, the crucial next step in the legislative process. 

Learn more about Bill C-400 from this backgrounder (PDF) prepared by our friends at Dignity for All.

You can help end homelessness in Canada. Thank you.

Send a message to your MP. Ask him or her to vote in favour of Bill C-400.
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