Support the Poverty Elimination Act

November 24th is a special day in the fight against poverty.

On November 24th 1989, Canada's House of Commons passed a unanimous all-party resolution to eliminate child poverty by the year 2000.

On November 24th 2009, the House passed another unanimous motion to "develop an immediate plan to eliminate poverty in Canada for all".

And last November the House's Human Resources Committee called for a federal poverty reduction plan with measurable targets and timelines.

The sad part is that nothing's been implemented to date.

Twenty-two years, two unanimous House resolutions, and several reports calling for action, yet nearly 3,200,000 Canadians continue to live in poverty.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a law that required the federal government to take action?

Well there is just such a law now before Parliament. It's called the Act to Eliminate Poverty in Canada (Bill C-233). A private members bill introduced by NDP MP Jean Crowder, Bill C-233 would require the federal government to consult with anti-poverty groups and people living in poverty, and then draw up a plan that includes targets and timelines for reducing poverty. This bill would lay the groundwork for real action.

In October, many of you sent a message to the Prime Minister about this very bill. This November 24, send the message to your MP. Ask him or her to support Bill C-233.

Let's insist that the Federal Government make poverty history in Canada.
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