One person is killed every minute by armed violence. Until now the poorly regulated arms trade has fueled widespread human rights abuses, considerable loss of life, political instability, preventable conflicts and corruption. Conventional arms are used daily to commit serious acts of violence against women and girls, including rape and other forms of sexual violence.
On June 3, 2013, history was made, when over 60 countries signed the first ever United Nations Arms Trade Treaty designed to keep weapons out of the hands of unscrupulous arms dealers and human rights violators. Since then 83 countries have signed on, but Canada is not yet one of them.
On Sept 25th, Presidents and Prime Ministers will attend the opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York and many of them are committed to signing the Treaty at this time. Do your part to ensure Prime Minister Harper is one of them. It is time for Canada to sign the Arms Trade Treaty.
Despite being one of the 155 countries that voted in favour of the Treaty’s adoption at the United Nations in April 2013, the Canadian government has not signed the Arms Trade Treaty nor has it indicated when it will do so. As a result, the government has separated itself from its closest allies and also from its role as a global leader on peace and disarmament.
For the past ten years Canadians have rallied around the call of the Control Arms Coalition in Canada (Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Quebec, Amnesty Canada and Project Ploughshares) for such a Treaty – and for Canadian leadership in securing its approval. This call to action has been echoed by 150 Members of Parliament who have argued forcefully for Canada to support and adopt such a treaty.
Take Action Today:
  • Send a letter to Prime Minister Harper urging him to sign the Arms Trade Treaty as soon as possible.
  • Take a photo of yourself with colleagues, friends, family, or co-workers holding this sign and tweet it using this message: "Join me in telling @pmharper that it's #TimetoSign the #ArmsTreaty"
Join us now in urging the Canadian Government to sign the Arms Trade Treaty without delay.
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