Take Action to Eliminate Poverty in Canada

More than three million people in Canada live in poverty, including more than 630,000 children – one in every ten. And that does not include the shameful situation in First Nations communities where one in four children lives in poverty. This has significant impact on the health of First Nations children and future generations.

In 2009, MPs unanimously voted to “develop an immediate plan to end poverty in Canada for all”. Now there is a new bill to make that happen.

On June 20th, NDP MP Jean Crowder introduced Bill C-233, An Act to Eliminate Poverty in Canada. This proposed legislation comes very close to what we have advocated in terms of a law that would bind the federal government to a long-term commitment on ending poverty and to accountability for results.

Canada needs Bill C-233. This Act would obligate the Government of Canada to take action to end poverty in consultation with the provinces and territories, municipalities, Aboriginal communities, non-profit and private-sector bodies and civil society organizations.

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