Let's create an Ontario that doesn’t put people into poverty

The Ontario government plans severe cuts in the coming budget which will disproportionately hurt those on modest- and low-incomes.

The Drummond Commission recently made 362 recommendations on how the Ontario government should cut spending and reorganize programs to balance the budget by 2017-2018. These recommendations include a real decrease in public spending on social services, child care, health care, and other programs - cutbacks which will disproportionately hurt those living in poverty.

Let’s not solve the fiscal crisis by enlarging the gap between the rich and the rest. Join us in urging our government to retain and improve much-needed programs and services for the 1.7 million Ontarians living in poverty.

NOW is the time to make your voice heard. The 2012 provincial budget will be released on March 27.

Join us in calling on Premier McGuinty to raise revenue as part of his efforts to balance the budget. Ask him to:

  • Bring in progressive taxation policies that take into account the change in how high income earners are compensated, including taxing stock options and adequate income tax rates for high earners (click here for more information from Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition).
  • Freeze Ontario’s Corporate Income Tax rate.
  • Avoid cuts that will affect people who receive social assistance or work in low-wage jobs, to ensure they can meet essential expenses like rent, food, clothing and utilities.

We must protect our public services if every Ontarian is to live in dignity and achieve his/her potential. Together we can get this message to the Premier.

Your message will also be sent to Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak.

Tell the government to create an Ontario that doesn’t put people into poverty
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