Take Action

It's not enough to simply care about what's happening in the world—we must act. It's easy to do, and the benefits keep rippling outward long after that first gesture is made. As part of an active, engaged anti-poverty movement that is raising its global voice and calling for an end to the needless suffering that results from unequal access to resources and a lack of imagination for a better future, we call on you to join hundreds of thousands of Canadians in making poverty history.

Below, we've outlined four concrete actions you can take to further this cause right now.


Endorse the Make Poverty History campaign goals. We're calling for: a national poverty reduction strategy in Canada, for the government of Canada to meet its international aid commitment of 0.7% of our GNI, and for improved environmental protections in Canada and around the world.

Join a quarter million Canadians who have signed on to Make Poverty History.

Send a message

Together, we can form a critical mass and reverse the many and varied realities of poverty. Take action on one of our campaign platforms by sending a message to the Prime Minister or your MP.

Wear white

There are two ways to get a Make Poverty History wristband: through our online store (coming soon!) and through our community partner, Ten Thousand Villages. These bands, which are made in Canada, say that you want to end poverty and you are part of a global movement to do just that.

» Wear white

Tell your friends

Tell your friends about the positive work of the Make Poverty History campaign - become a social media "sharer". It's easy to help us spread the word! Share our news, views, videos and action alerts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Youtube.